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It Was Sad Without You There (Acoustic Sessions) - (2017)

by Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands

"It Was Sad Without You There" contains live acoustic tracks from the last several solo records; cover versions, and even an old song by Denim TV. These tracks also include the final recorded performances of the late Jeff Kane. Thanks to Emily Vassos, Johanna Bodde, Phil Toole, Stoo Odom, Joshua Raoul Brody, Melissa Dale, and Tom Hofer. Cover art by Miranda O'Brien.

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New Home Tonight/Advice Coming In/Not Always So/Free Of Deceit/Two Flies (Denim TV song)/Without Love (Nick Lowe Cover)/Sound Of The Rain (Rank & File Cover)/Stumblebum/Leaves/Privatized/A Thorny Path/Sister, I Have Fallen/The Good Fight/Shadow Sharks/The Dress Of Tara Jane/All That I Don’t Know/Watch It Heal

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