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Shadow Sharks  - Directed by Jenny Stovell.

This is a segment taken from the 9th Floor Radio "Practice Space" series, episode #004. Courtesy of Melissa Neal at

Video directed by Kelly Christensen. Los Angeles based band featuring Doyle Dean, Manfred Hofer, Henry Liu and Sean O'Brien. Song appears on the album, "12" by The Mariettas, released in 1999 by First Cold Press.

Cover of Rank and File's Amanda Ruth. Recorded at Mr. T's Bowl - Los Angeles.

Live version of "Bad Faith" with special guest Sylvia Juncosa on guitar, at the Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco. Bill Davis - Bass, Karl Jaramillo - Drums, Sylvia Juncosa - Guitar, and Sean O'Brien - Guitar, Vocals. Recorded January 23, 2010.

Live version recorded at Annie's Social Cub in San Francisco.